Who We Are

International Market Brands (IMB) is a leading export marketing company that offers premium quality food products to diverse market around the globe. We take pride in providing wide array of cheese and dairy, fruits and nuts, grains, superfoods, frozen goods, condiments, spreads and sugar, baking and cooking goods, available for retail, food service and institutional markets.

Operating since 1987, our years of experience as a family-owned business truly demonstrate passion to continually provide an exceptional service to our partners and consumers alike.

Our main office is in US and our Asian office is strategically located in the Philippines.

Our Capabilities

International Market Brands is dedicated in meeting specific needs of food manufacturers, importers, and distributors worldwide with the current in-demand products. We work to produce a great customized product suited to every partner’s preference.

Unparalleled Experience

Our relationship with our partners in the industry is our priority. We build lasting relationships and works closely in resolving any issues in a timely manner.

What We Can Do

Customizable Products


Our products can be customized to fit our partners’ needs. We believe each country has a unique taste palette, and our experience allows us to produce only the best products for everyone to taste and enjoy.

No Hassle Ordering


We streamlined the ordering process so our partners can receive the shipment on time. We have specialists who focus on finding the best shipping method possible to achieve zero to minimal delay.

First Class Design


Design is as equally important as the quality of product. International Market Brands has designers with outstanding skills to work directly with our partners in producing a catchy label that guarantees attention




Our product’s quality is ultimately better than the current market leader in the USA.



Price We consistently offer a competitive price for our products.



We take pride in treating our partners with top level service they truly deserve.

Our Products

Our high-quality products are always changing and keeps improving over time. Scan and learn about what we have to offer and feel free to email us for possible questions. Exclusive opportunities and private label are granted for interested partners.

Our Brands


Recent Promotions


Olivia Vegan Mayo

Net Weight: 850ml and 350ml Certifications: ISO 9001 Certified, BRC Certified, IFS Certified Shelf Life: 850ml - 9 months, 350ml - 12 months It's time to offer 100% vegan products starting with this new Olivia Vegan Mayonnaise. It's egg free, but tastes like regular...

Larsa UHT Milk

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Variants: Whole, Semi-Skimmed, Skimmed ​​​​​​​Net Weight: 1L Certifications: SGS Certified Shelf Life: 10.5 months Country of Origin: Spain Have an edge against other milk brands out there with Larsa UHT Milk. It's 100% produced by cows from medium-sized...

Olivia Cheese Sauce

  Variants: Aged Cheddar and Premium Cheddar ​​​​​​​Net Weight: 3 kg (106 oz) Certifications: Halal Shelf Life: 18 months Country of Origin: USA Cheese is one of the products that can tell stories through its flavor, and we want our consumers to recall a fun...

Olivia Pie Fillings

Net Weight: 3.1kg (110oz) and 566g (20oz) Certifications: Kosher: Orthodox Union (OU) Shelf Life: 3 years Country of Origin: USA Olivia Pie Filling and Toppings are packed with chunks of fruit with vibrant colors and just enough sweetness. What differentiates this...

North Shore Crabmeat

  Net Weight:  453g (16oz) Units/Case:  12 Certifications:  BRC Certified Shelf Life:  1 year Country of Origin: Indonesia   We're excited to introduce to you the North Shore Crabmeat, a product that came from the deep Indonesian sea. Packed in sanitary...

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