Who We Are

International Marketing Brands (IMB) is a leading exporter of high quality food products to the world. We provide the retail, food service, and food manufacturing industries with products including a wide range of cheese and dairy products, fruits and nut products, grains, super foods, condiments, sauces and dressings, and canned products.

IMB has been a family owned and operated business since 1987. Our years of experience has proven track record and provide many advantages including but not limited to outstanding service. IMB has its main office in the US and put up an office strategically located in Manila, Philippines to expand and cater the industry in the Asian region.

Our Capabilities

IMB services to bridge the needs of Food Manufacturers, importers and distributors worldwide with in-demand products. IMB has years of experience in finding the right product customized to the specific requirements of our customer. It is vital that you get what you want without having to try to adapt to the reduced margins of ultra-brand name companies.

Unparalleled Experience

IMB’s service to our customers is top priority and we strive to build close-knit relationships that last so that any issue that arises can be resolved in a timely matter.

What We Can Do

Customizable Products

Our products can be customized to fit our customer needs. Each country has a different taste palette and our experiences in most countries worldwide allow us to work with you to create the best product for you!

No Hassle Ordering

Through the years of experience, we have streamlined the ordering process so that our customers receive their shipment as if we’re a black box. In reality, we have specialists in the shipping industry that use our numerous contacts find the best shipping method possible. That way our customers have minimal hassle and get their products quickly and without damage.

First Class Design

We know that the design of a private label is one of the most overlooked aspects of retail products. Our designers are unparalleled in the industry and can work directly with you to produce a label that catches your consumer’s eye.

Our Products

Our high-quality products are always changing and keeps improving over time. Scan and learn about what we have to offer and feel free to email us for possible questions. Exclusive opportunities and private label are granted for interested partners.

Supplying the world with limitless opportunities

Our Brands

Recent Promotions

Carmel Sun Popcorn Kernels

Net Weight:   50 lbs (bags) Types:  Mushroom and Butterfly Expansion Rate Mushroom Variety: 30-34:1 65% mushrooming; 28-30:1 80% mushrooming Butterfly Variety:  40-44:1 expansion; 45-48:1 expansion Serve your customers heaping bowls of our delicious, light, and...
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AmeriPride Peanut Butter – Creamy and Crunchy

Variants: Creamy and Crunchy Net Weight: 12 oz, 18 oz, 40 oz, 5# (5 lbs)   Certifications: Kosher and Halal Shelf Life: 18 months Country of Origin: USA AmeriPride Peanut Butter meets the nutty requirement of an addicting spread. It has rich flavor, “no stirring...
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Casa Martinez Salsa

Net Weight: 454g (16 oz) Units/Case:  6 Certifications: Gluten Free, Allergen Free, Lactose Free, Non GMO   Shelf Life: 24 months Country of Origin: Mexico Now’s your chance to offer an authentic, fire-roasted Mexican salsa to your market. Made with 100%...
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Tea Time Ice Tea

Net Weight: 1L Units/Case:  12 Certification:  Halal Shelf Life: 16 months Country of Origin: Cyprus   Surprise your customers with a never before seen product that is convenient and captivating.  Tea Time Ice Tea is made from the finest tea ingredients. With a...
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Olivia Maraschino Cherries (With Stem)

It’s time to bring your store shelves to life with Olivia Maraschino Cherries. Its import quality is highlighted in the way the item is packed and presented. With its bright and appetizing color, it will catch the attention of your frequent consumers. Our maraschino cherries also taste more flavorful than the others. The cherries are picked at the peak of ripeness and their size and weight are carefully considered to assure that every jar is uniform and consistent. Now, you can offer a top quality essential ingredient to everyone who loves to make cocktails, sundaes, and desserts. To know more about this product,  contact our Sales today!

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Are you looking for a product? The products you just saw is not the full selection we offer and we can most likely provide you with what you want.

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